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Review - SquidGrip

Posted Image

Now I’m not usually one to be interested in small and cheap gaming accessories, however I was lucky enough to get my hands on the SquidGrip and was hugely impressed at the feel, quality and value for money from such a simple and inexpensive product

The SquidGrip is an adhesive foam-like product that applies directly to your Xbox360 (or PS3) controller, and is designed to give better grip and reduce sweat during those intense gaming sessions. Each sticker is designed to make application simple and quick – a definite advantage in my books as it only takes a couple of minutes to peel and apply, ready for gaming again (heck, you could even do it between games it’s that easy!).

They come in a very well designed package which aligns well with the quality of the product inside.

Posted Image

Each of these packs contains:
  • 2 SquidGrips (one for each side of the controller)
  • a set of badges,
  • a SquidGrip sticker
  • an instruction manual
No extra fluff or confusing packaging, which is great!

Posted Image

The instruction booklet has step by step instructions on how to apply each grip, along with photos so that you can make sure you’re doing everything right the first time.

Once applied, you get something like this

Posted Image

Now for anyone who has seen me play, I have quite small hands compared to most gamers (my thumbs don’t even reach the thumb sticks properly!) and I was worried that this would add bulk to the controller that I didn’t need. The SquidGrips are light and thin which don’t add much thickness at all to the controller, and the comfort factor just makes you want to hold onto it.

I passed the controller over to my mother, who remarked on how much she liked the feel compared to the standard hard plastic of regular controllers and mentioned that she’d rather play with the SquidGrips on her controller now. (Mum approved – must be good!!)

SquidGrips retail at $15 USD, so they’re great little products that are cost effective and definitely provide their moneys worth.

I’ll have the controller with SquidGrips applied at AvT Auckland LAN in July if you’d like to try it out.

If you’d like to order them, check out www.squidgrip.com or tweet at @SquidGrip on Twitter!